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We guarantee the high quality of our products manufactured at the Kalajoki factory, and we take pride in the praised reliability and speed of our deliveries by our partners. We strive to dispatch orders as quickly as the next day. Attached are images showcasing our projects at Levin lomakoti and Vantaa Flamingo.


Cent tarjoaa teollisuuden toimijoille kokonaisvaltaiset ratkaisut puurakentamiseen. Teemme tiivistä yhteistyötä merkittävien suomalaisten talotehtaiden, ovi-, ikkuna- ja keittiökalustevalmistajien sekä rakennusliikkeiden kanssa. Pystymme reagoimaan nopeisiinkin projektikohtaisiin pyyntöihin tai solmimaan vuosittaiset toimitussopimukset asiakkaamme toiveiden mukaisesti.


Usein kysyttyä

What wood species are available?

Ninety percent of our production consists of low-knot Finnish pine, 10% is spruce and other wood species. Hardwoods are project-specific; please inquire with our team for more information.

What grades are available for interior paneling and pine flooring?

The grades of pine that we use are: EM (special grade pine), VM (low-knot pine), TM (healthy-knot pine), and OM (knotted pine).

What raw materials from spruce are available?

The grades of spruce that we use are: VK (low-knot spruce), TK (healthy-knot spruce), and OK (knotted spruce).

The desired profile and finish were not found in our range. Can we customize it for you?

Customized products can be done on a project-specific basis. Please inquire with our team that serves the industrial sector for more information.

How will my order be delivered directly to the construction site?

We use reliable transportation companies. Delivery times and methods are agreed upon precisely.

How is the delivery packaged and protected?

Depending on the size of the shipment, the products are stacked on battens or pallets. They are protected with plastic wrap and side boards. The packages are secured with steel strapping.

Serves the industrial sector

Industrial sector

We deliver home finishing products easily, quickly, and reliably to your location or directly to the construction site. With our modern and adaptable machinery, we can efficiently execute your projects with over 30 years of experience. We take pride in the quality of our products, reliable and fast delivery, and comprehensive customer service.